Shakshuka 12            Pairing: Nebbiolo

  with short ribs 19

Sweet & Spicy chunky tomato sauce with toasty levain bread, feta cheese, and poached eggs. Every time the handsome lawyer and I go to Montreal we eat at this cafe and he orders the shakshuka and says “more places should have this on their menu, it is so good.”  So, I am putting it on my menu so he *hopefully* stops saying that (he won’t).  And more places really should have this ;)

McFoxlin’s Burger 15                                                                                                 Pairing: American Brown Ale

Thick patty of Chef Ashley’s special house-blend of chuck, brisket, rib-eye, and bone marrow to melt in your mouth.  Cheddar lettuce & tomato.  Wash it down with a fresh beer and pretend you just mowed the lawn.  Add: locally smoked bacon $3 • Avo $2 • IPA roasted onions $1

Favorite Burger (Vegan) 14              Pairing: Brooklyn Half Sour Cider

FYI this is the best thing in the world.  Made from scratch in our kitchen with roasted black beans cashews, onions, chipotle… well I’m giving away the secret recipe.  When the handsome lawyer makes this at home I eat it for b-fast, lunch, & dinner until it’s gone.

Add: locally smoked bacon $3 • avo $2 • IPA roasted onions $1

Salad 12        Pairing: Wheat Beer 

This yummy salad is a take on those delicacies I use to inhale daily. A base of salted romaine and a big ole mix of all the veggies we have in house. We put a fried egg, and whatever fresh fruit we have in season, and pine nuts on top with oil and vinegar dressing (Chef) Ashley made super fast and super tasty. She’s awesome. 

Salmon Miso Soup Rice Bowl 20                                                                                       Pairing: Farmhouse Ale

I know, there are a lot of words in that name but this dish is delish (dish and delish are kinda the same word).  So this is pretty much glazed salmon soaked in miso soup with a whole bunch of veggies like onions, mushrooms, spinach, green onions and dried seaweed all on top of wild rice cause its yummier and nutritious-er than white rice :)

Beer Braised Short Rib 18                   Pairing: Central Waters Stout

Short Ribs braised in Central Water’s Satin Solitude Stout with carrots, celery, pickled mustard seeds, and IPA roasted onions all on top of creamy horseradish mashed potatoes.  Brendan wouldn’t share his with me the first time we ordered this :(

Butternut Squash Risotto 13                                                                                                  Pairing: Orange Wine

Arborio rice with lotsa cream, butter, parmesan, and of course, butternut squash. And sage because it’s fall. Our amazing chef was on Hell’s Kitchen where she had to make risotto for every dinner service so if there is one dish this girl can make, it is risotto.

Add: Chicken 5  • Short Rib 6 • Salmon 7

Breakfast for Dinner $20                                                                            Pairing: Mimosa OR  Cote de Bordeaux

Skirt steak slathered in IPA roasted onions paired with two poached eggs and horseradish mash potato and avocado, too!  That’s a lot of goodness all on one plate!  Also if you don’t put your egg yolk on the steak you are doing life wrong.