Shakshuka 12/ with lamb 20

Sweet & Spicy chunky tomato sauce with toasty levain bread, feta cheese, and poached eggs. Every time the handsome lawyer and I go to Montreal we eat at this cafe and he orders the shakshuka and says “more places should have this on their menu, it is so good.”  So, I am putting it on my menu so he *hopefully* stops saying that (he won’t).  And more places really should have this ;)

McFoxlin’s Burger 15 

Thick patty of Chef Ashley’s special house-blend of chuck, brisket, rib-eye, and bone marrow to melt in your mouth.  Cheddar lettuce & tomato.  Wash it down with a fresh beer and pretend you just mowed the lawn.

Favorite Burger (Vegan) 12 

FYI this is the best thing in the world.  Made from scratch in our kitchen with roasted black beans cashews, onions, chipotle… well I’m giving away the secret recipe.  When the handsome lawyer makes this at home I eat it for b-fast, lunch, & dinner until it’s gone.


This yummy salad is a take on those delicacies I use to inhale daily. A base of salted romaine and a big ole mix of all the veggies we have in house. We put a fried egg, and whatever fresh fruit we have in season, and pine nuts on top with oil and vinegar dressing (Chef) Ashley made super fast and super tasty. She’s awesome. 

Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps 16/ Mushroom 11

Apple Cider marinated pulled pork all wrapped up in lettuce with a spicy pineapple slaw and a swirl of sour cream on top. Pretty much I’m obsessed with anything pineapple soooo I decided to put some pork on it, too so other people will like it :) You’re welcome! 

Champagne Chicken 

Chicken drenched in a champagne cream sauce and sun-dried tomatoes with spinach on all the mashed potatoes.  Ashley started describing this dish she wanted to make and she said ‘champagne’ and I said YES!  I only learned about all the other yummy things in this dish to write the menu 

Asian Salmon with Slaw 

Teriyaki salmon with red cabbage and pineapple on wild rice!  I put an exclamation point because I love wild rice so much.  The handsome lawyer went through a phase where we insisted on eating nothing but salmon stir frys for months on end and it made me SO mad.  But now I kinda miss them, so Ashley did her take on one just for me. 

Shrimp & Grits 15

Cheesey grits with bacon bits all mixed in with shrimp and green onions on top!  Woohoo!  This is one of my favorite comfort foods of all time.  I usually make it extra spicy but I toned it down for y’all.  Add the ghost pepper hot sauce if you like it like I do!