Breakfast, all day(until dinner)

McFoxlin Brekkie Sandwich 5 

or make it a double for 9

An Aussie Brek inspired sandie with cheddar cheese, an eggie, homemade pickled red onions, roasted tomato, and hot sauce.  I’m sorry if you are someone the Handsome Lawyer told we are an Aussie Cafe… we aren’t. Note: at no time does this sandwich claim any authenticity ;) 

+$1 Avo

+$2 locally smoked bacon

Avocado Toast 8

Nine grain toast with too much ‘cado & pickled onions & pumpkin seeds & Aussie Feta (shut up Handsome Lawyer) & the best ever spicy honey & chili flakes. Don’t forget about the Hudson valley egg on top.

+$2 locally smoked bacon

Salmon Toast 9

Sourdough with dill sour cream and ricotta cheese, in-house flash pickled onions & cukes, capers, fresh tomato, and locally smoked salmon. Sprinkled with “everything” seeds and spices. My personal fav. P.S. add the ‘cado.

+$1 Avo

Beet Toast (vegan) 6

Hummus spread over 12 grain bread, covered in oven-roasted beets, in-house flash pickled onions, lemon juice and pine nuts.  We even bought special mediterranean spices for this one. 

Egg-in-a-basket or picture frame 5

I acknowledge that picture frame is unconventional but this is NOT a toad in a hole. Grilled Sourdough, with a hole cut out for the egg, flecks of cheddar cheese toasted into the bread.

Yogurt & Granola 8

Best ever, local yogurt, tasty almond raison granola, fresh berries & a dash of honey for extra goodness.  I went to Bard and this is literally what I ate for an entire semester. This and salad.  And really bad carrot cake. Not proud of it. 

P.S. vegan cheese and gluten free bread options are always available, just ask us nicely :)

Lunch, all day (until dinner)

Veggie Sandie (vegan) 7

Not just a throw away - not just for vegans. 12- grain bread with smashed up avocado on one side and hummus on the other and filled up with tomatoes, pickled onions, micro greens, and vegan cheese. Also pumpkin seeds.  The handsome lawyer always asks for this before a big hike and he still talks about the one time I ruined it by using black bean hummus instead of normal hummus. 

Mushroom Toast 7

Swiss cheese melted over locally baked nine grain bread covered in sautéed mushrooms, creamy mushroom gravy, rosemary, and an oven poached egg.  Also, I can eat bowls of this gravy, it really is that good.

+$1 Avo

+$2 locally smoked bacon


Ciabatta, cream cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and of course, avocado.  Everything bagel seeds make it extra yummy. You know the BLT+ deal.  I’ll be honest, we were told this is tied for best ever BLT with one from Ashville, NC which basically means ours is the best. 

All Day Sandwich  10

Toasty brioche with cream cheese, bacon, smoked salmon, tomatoes, micro greens, and pickled onions. Decadence on decadence with bacon.  The handsome lawyer made me change the name from Lunch Sandwich to All Day Sandwich, thoughts?

Black Bean Burger 12

Vegan & GF black bean cashew burger with mushrooms, onions, and toasted cashews.  FYI this is the best thing in the world.  When the handsome lawyer makes this at home I eat it for b-fast, lunch, & dinner until it’s gone. 

Salad 11

The handsome lawyer used to tease me about my salads which had more vegetables heaped on them than he knew existed. This yummy salad is a take on those delicacies I use to inhale daily. A base of salted romaine and a big ole mix of all the veggies we have in house.  We put a fried egg, and whatever fresh fruit we have in season, and pine nuts on top with oil and vinegar dressing (Chef) Ashley made super fast and super tasty.  She’s awesome.  

P.S. vegan cheese and gluten free bread options are always available, just ask us nicely :)